Dr. Yeshi Dhonden Cancer Treatment Clinic Mcleodganj Dharamshala

डाक्टर येशी धोंडेन कैंसर ट्रिटमेंट क्लिनिक मैक्लोगंज धर्मशाला

  1. Dr. Yeshi Dhonden – A Tibetan Doctor, Born on 15th May 1927 in Lhoka, Tibet.
  2. Father’s Name – Mr. Tashi Tsering
  3. Mother’s Name – Mrs. Metok Dolkar
  4. Done his Medical Training in the age of 20.
  5. In 1960 – Found Men Tsee Khang, The Tibetan Medical College.
  6. Until 1979, He was Director and Principal there.
  7. He is a Buddhist Monk.
  8. He was Dalai Lama’s Personal physician for about 20 Years.
  9. Primary Goal – To prove, Tibetan formulas were safe and we can use for various diseases and he proved.
  10. From all over the world, he treated thousand of cancer patients and women with breast cancer.

Address and Contact Information

Tibetan Herbal Clinic, Ashoka Niwas

Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala, Distt. Kangra

H.P. Pin – 176219

Ph: 0091 1892 221461

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Dr. Yeshi Dhonden Clinic Timings

Token PickUp Time – 6:00AM -10:00AM

Clinic Timings for Dr Consultation – Monday – Friday – 10:00AM-03:00PM

Closed on Saturday and coupons for Sunday will be Distributed on Thursday.

How to Diagnose Dr Yeshi Dhonden ?

The word amchi meansdoctor“. Dr Yeshi Dhonden observe the quality of the urine. But the urine will be first urine of empty stomach. Dr. reads 12 pulses which acts as a messenger between the doctor and the patient. Dr also asks questions from the patients to observer the medical condition in detail.

Important Notice for Patients

The Doctor has no email id access so you can’t send the copies over the email and it is advised to send hard copies directly on the doctor address. In case if patient is not in condition to visit the clinic it will be always good if someone from patient’s family will go to the clinic with the reports and patient first urine sample.

How to Get Medicine from Dr. Yeshi Dhonden Clinic :

  1. Kindly send photocopy of pld prescription slip of dr yeshi with your address pincode in detail. Sample Address —> Ram Kumar, H.No. #123, XYZ (City Name), DEF (State Name) – 111111(6 Digit Pin Code) India (Country Name)
  2. The Cost of Medicine Money Order or Bank Draft should be payable on the Name of Dr Yeshi Dhonden at Bank of Mcleodganj (Code 4250) .
  3. Kindly send Postal Charges – For One Month Medicine send 75/- INR and for 2 Months medicine 100/- INR.

Some Pictures of Dr Yeshi’s Clinic –

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dr yeshi dhonden contact details

To Know More about Dr. Yeshi Dhonden…..Kindly Visit the official Website www.yeshidhonden.com

This article is related to – Tibetan Ayurvedic Clinic for Cancer Treatment. Kindly Note all the above information is collected and shared only for the information purpose. This is not the Official Page of Dr yeshi Dhonden.

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Sanjeev Singh Manhas

Hi, the query is about my sister she is 48 yrs old suffering from deep depression
as no one at her house including her kids , husband talk to her. is there a help i can ask for




my sister is cencer pesaent plz lwill connect you in my sister tretment

Sunny Deval

My father is suffering from Liver disease from last 1 year.

Need your suggestion.

Doctor told us that this is the last stage of liver cancer and it is also spread in lymph nodes.

and also told us survival time that is 5 to 6 month after taking chemo tablets.

They suggested us for Chemo Tablets(Sorafenib) and Immunotherapy.

Is Ayurvedic medicine good for End Stage Liver Cancer Patient?

Looking forward for your response.

Thank You!


hi sunny
i was reading the discussions and feeling very bad for ur father. my mother is suffering from pancreatic cancer stage 3. we havent taken any allopathy treatment. we are taking cow urine therapy . We are planning to go to dharamshala to get medicines. are we taking right decision. very much confused. what to do. pls pour ur suggestion and experience of dharamshala.

Deepti Singh

Hi, My aunt is suffering from cancer from last one year. We have done MT scan and Dr said she will survive hardly 8-9 month.
We had done chemotherapy and radiation but nothing work and her situation is that he can’t stand or walk properly because of side effects…we are very worried. Please help us out

Need your suggestion and way to meet Dr.

Looking forward for your response.

Thank You!

Sunny Deval

Deepti, how is your aunt now?

Is she taking some medicine right now?

Nidhi Sharma

Can you please provide contact number and address

Sunny Deval

Today completed 1 month after taking dr yeshi dhonden medicine.
Following test repeated today including LFT, RFT. But the reports are not good as we were expecting.
Total Bilurbin went to 39 from 20 that was in last month. Liver AST/ALT also too high.
So we are worried about our fathers health.

My brother is going to dharmshala with reports. Lets see what they suggest now.

I always pray to god noone should suffer from cancer bhai yeh patient ki halat krab kr deta hai if it is last stage.

We are hoping for the best.


how is your father ? My niece is also suffering from spread of cancer to lever and we have just started Dr Yeshi treatment. Please kindly share your experience.

Sunny Deval

Hi Das,

How is your niece now?

Sunny Deval

My father is no more with us. Passed away on 10th Aug. Fathers liver cancer was not cured by Ayurveda medicine but these medicine derange the liver. Go for this treatment only when you know everything about it.

May his soul rest in peace!


Dear Sunny
Very hard to hear abt ur father, RIP. one of our relative is also having same problem and their family members are going dharmashala to get treatment, hope they will be happy. pls provide your ph no.

Sunny Deval



Hi , My father is diabetic patient. Currently his diabetes is showing under control
but his creatnine level is 10
is there any cure with Dr yeshi ?


Kidney issue


Dear Respected Sir / Madam,

We have trying to contact you on your clinic from past two days but it was not connected.
Your contact details shown on your sight will shows disconnect out of reachable.
Kindly provide some alternate number so any one can reach easily.

Thanks Regards

kdilip kumar reddy

Hai sir
My brother is suffering lukemiya cancer is there treatment ????

Shiva Rama Raju.

Sir, one of my relative is suffering with Colon (Rectol) cancer. he is staying in Cheennai. Doctors said now he reached to 04th stage. kindly suggest is there any solution.


Sir I am Anil Kumar Sharma Cancer Patient
I send DD of SBI Rs. 1790 on Date 18-12-2018 But My medicine not reached on my address till today Please send my medicine soon.


Dr. Yashi is out of station for 4 months from 01/01/2019


hello friends !! Hoping to have some help from this forum … 10 days ago we visited Dr Dhonden for my father’s food pipe cancer …. we were given medicines which my father could start only on January 3, 2019. Within one day, he started seeing redness in his legs which he saw after undergoing 5 chemotherapy sessions (we are assuming that Dr dhonden’s medicines contain some chemo medicines …. We don’t know what to do coz the doctor’s phone doesn’t connect …. Can anyone with a similar experience help ? … Thanks a ton in advance ….