Core Java Interview Questions and Answers

Java – A General Purpose Programming Language. Java is a platform for computing. The language is very fast and reliable. The language is used to add the security in its application means you can say it’s very secure. Here we are sharing Core Java Interview Questions Answers For Freshers & Experienced.

Some Interesting facts about Java:-

  1. It was first released by Sun-Microsystem in 1995.
  2. There are so many applications and website that are useless without Java Installation.
  3. As per some assumptions of Java own company – there are almost 3 Billion devices worldwide based Java.

Based on it’s uses, Java is in demand for companies and having a great future for the career of IT Professionals. Here we are going to share the Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers and Experienced Java Professionals.

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Core Java Interview Questions Answers for Freshers –

  1. Explain JDK, JRE and JVM?
  2. Explain public static void main(String args[]).
  3. Why Java is platform independent?
  4. Is Java 100% Object-oriented?
  5. What are wrapper classes?
  6. What is the Differentiate between a constructor and a method?
  7. Can we Use a constructor as final?
  8. What is the garbage collection in Java and what is its uses, and when is it used?
  9. Describe synchronization with respect to multithreading.
  10. Define an abstract class in Java.
  11. What are the different ways of implementing thread? Which one is more advantageous?
  12. Define public, private, protected class in Java.
  13. What is the final class?
  14. What if the main() method is declared as private?
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Core Java Interview Questions Answers for Experienced –

  1. Define Java applet?
  2. Define numeric promotion and How it Works?
  3. Define false sharing in the context of multi-threading?
  4. Define immutable object?
  5. Differentiate between StringBuffer and StringBuilder in Java?
  6. Differentiate between factory and abstract factory pattern?
  7. What are the differences between JAR and WAR files
  8. Define JIT compiler?
  9. Define multi-catch block in Java?

Answers of all these questions will be posted soon.

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